The Tree Removal in Lees Summit MO That is a Cut Above

Created at : Dec 10, 2022

Tree removal in Lees Summit MO is a process of removing trees that are no longer needed or have become hazardous. When a tree needs to be removed, it is done so for several reasons, such as dead and decaying wood, disease or pests, structural damage to the tree or property, crowding other vegetation and blocking sunlight from reaching desired areas, encroaching on existing structures or underground utilities, presenting hazards in terms of falling limbs and branches or interfering with power lines and other public infrastructure. 

Tree removal should only be done by experienced professionals who understand the safety concerns involved in cutting down a large structure. This process begins with an assessment of the site and tree removal options. The pros will discuss any potential safety issues and possible alternatives to removing the tree based on the size and location.

Once the tree is determined to be a removal candidate, there are several steps involved in removing it safely and responsibly. These include:

• Pruning: Pruning is often done before tree removal to reduce the amount of weight being removed from the roots. This also helps to ensure that access for machinery is easier and safer.

• Dismantling: Trees may need to be dismantled or partially taken apart by sawing off branches before they can be removed. This ensures safety during removal and minimizes property damage. 

• Mechanical Removal/Crane Use: If a tree needs to be mechanically removed, such as with an excavator or crane, then these machines must be used properly taking into consideration the weight and size of the tree, as well as its location. 

• Stump Grinding: After a tree is removed, the stump may need to be ground down in order to create a level area for replanting or paving. Depending on the size, this can be done manually with an axe or power grinder, or with machinery such as a skid steer loader. 

Tree removal in Lees Summit MO is not something that should be taken lightly, and safety must always be considered when considering any tree removal project. With careful planning and preparation, it can be done safely and responsibly by experienced professionals who understand all the risks involved. Contact Greenworks today to learn more.